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'First true' native IPv6 DDoS attack spotted in wild

First in-the-wild DDOS IPV6 attack hits servers, with portents of more to come. The DNS dictionary attack originated from around 1,900 different native IPv6 hosts, on more than 650 different networks.

The how and the why: carrying out a comprehensive DNS audit

Using a piecemeal "set and forget" approach to maintaining your DNS security puts your business at risk of cyber-attack. It is akin to closing the vault door, but not checking that it has actually been locked!

Using DNS as part of your cyber-security strategy

DNS is inherently vulnerable. However, when correctly implemented with hardened appliances, securely managed, it can also be an organisation's best weapon in securing its networks.

Hackers crack BlackWallet DNS server, steal US$ 400,000

Attackers have made off with up to US$ 400,000 (£290,000) in cryptocurrency after an ingenious attack on Stellar Lumen (XLM) wallet, BlackWallet.

New Mac malware - MaMi - hijacks DNS connections

Malware can steal passwords, take screenshots and access files. Security researchers have discovered new Mac malware that can hijack DNS settings.

Content distributor Crunchyroll blames DNS hijack for malicious redirection

Asian entertainment website Crunchyroll.com is blaming a DNS hijack attack after site visitors in the early morning of 4 November were redirected to a malicious website designed to infect them with malware.

One year since the Dyn attack: Have attitudes to DNS security changed?

Until their company has been attacked and suffered a tangible business loss, most organisations regard DNS as simply plumbing rather than critical infrastructure that requires proactive defence says Dr Malcolm Murphy.

Flaw in Windows DNS client exposed millions of users to hacking

Security researchers have advised the patching of a critical vulnerability in the DNS client used in Windows. The flaw could allow hackers to gain access to a target system.

Seven deadly flaws found in Dnsmasq DNS forwarder and DHCP server

Patch Dnsmasq DNS forwarder and DHCP server now or stay vulnerable, researchers warn

60m internet users risked ejection in ICANN security update - ISPs fault

A proposed security change to the underlying infrastructure of the internet has been significantly delayed due to fears that it could knock up to eight percent of those affected - in total an estimated 750 million people, offline at a stroke.

Three-quarters of UK orgs suffer DNS attacks, half of those had data stolen

A new report from EfficientIP reveals a lack of awareness as to the variety of DNS attacks, a failure to adapt security solutions to protect DNS and poor responses to vulnerability notifications among businesses worldwide.

Most UK businesses have limited visibility on impact of DNS

New research from Neustar presents how UK businesses are provisioning domain name system (DNS) servers and services of their internal and external internet users.

Attackers attempting to fabricate relationship between Russian bank and Trump

Alfa Bank has engaged the US based cyber-forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to investigate these new attacks.

Dutch registry releases scathing report on .nl domain security

SIDN, the Dutch domain registry, has released a report which says banking has less than ideal DNSSEC.

Huge DDoS attack hits Twitter, Github, Spotify and others

Outage at DNS provider Dyn leads to multi-site blackout

GCHQ planning use of DNS filters to curb cyber-attacks

Boss of GCHQ and the new NCSC has revealed plans that the spy agencies are planning to partner with UK ISPs to use DNS filtering to curb cyber-attacks.

ICYMI: The Labour party, Women in the industry, Leoni AG, DNS Tunneling and the GDPR

This Week: Labour leadership oversights, cyber-sec and gender, Leoni AG whaled, a staggering amount of DNS tunnels and only a little more than 600 days until the GDPR settles in

DNS tunneling threat drills into nearly half of networks tested

InfoBlox's new report showed nearly half of all networks tested to show signs of DNS tunnelling

DNS attacks cost businesses more than £702K

DNS attacks are costing businesses more than $1 million (£702K), however 25 percent of organisations still are not implementing any kind of basic security software

Wekby cyber-criminals use DNS tunnelling for command and control of malware

"Pisloader" DNS tunnelling malware signals shift in tactic by hacking group

Three things real-time DNS analysis can reveal about cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities

New tools are making real time data analysis and exploration of DNS traffic possible. This is turning previously ignored data into a source of valuable insight says Chris Griffiths.

Netgear patch delay left thousands of routers under attack

A Netgear router vulnerability remained unpatched for months after it was discovered by security researchers, leaving thousands of the devices under active attack.

The three methodologies behind DNS threat detection

Intelligent and analytical identification of anomalies in DNS activity is key to stopping threats before they become a real problem says Dr Malcolm Murphy, systems engineering manager, Infoblox

Decoding the DNS: A new arena in cyber defence

Cyber defence tactics are constantly evolving to meet new threats - but one area that has been undervalued up until now is the Domain Name System (DNS), says Simon McCalla.

It's time to think inside the box

Chris Marrison considers the importance of looking at security threats already inside the network - rather than just what's trying to get in.

ICANN hacked

MS No-IP takedown hits 25% of APT attackers

After facing a barrage of criticism for taking down the No-IP DNS server, Microsoft is now getting praise from some quarters for its impact on malware distribution - though critics remain.