Absolute Software has announced the launch of version six of its device management tool.

The company said AbsoluteSafe, part of Absolute Manage 6.0, allows IT departments to securely distribute sensitive or confidential files to employee devices that can be read but not printed, shared or copied.

In addition, IT administrators can shut down access to corporate networks at a pre-defined time, or limit the availability of a document on a device for the duration of a meeting using scheduled policies.

Companies can also control how long a document can remain on a device, whether it be the digital equivalent of 'burn after reading', work-hours only, or for the duration of a meeting.

John Livingston, CEO of Absolute Software, said: “We have already begun to see a rapid increase in mobile device management activity in our business, which we believe provides an excellent opportunity to accelerate our business growth supporting PCs and Macs too.

“We believe launching industry-first features, such as AbsoluteSafe, and offering our customers a unified, cross-platform console will help further accelerate our expansion into the systems lifecycle and mobile device management markets.”