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Banking on defence to beat the bad guys

Banks and financial services are the number one target for hackers and nation-states, but as Doug Drinkwater reports, the industry is fighting to stay ahead of the threats with new tools, training, and increasing collaboration

CESG forced to pull HTTPS website as SSL certificate gets revoked

CESG, the information arm of GCHQ, was forced to take down its HTTPS website earlier this week after the organisation's SSL digital certificate was revoked.

Exclusive: NCA losing cyber-crime officers to Met's Falcon

The much-vaunted National Crime Agency, often described as 'Britain's FBI', has lost several officers to the Met Police's Falcon Squad, as 'bored' investigators look to go more hands-on with cyber-crime cases.

UK charity CALM hacked in 'senseless' attack

UK charity CALM says that its website was hacked and defaced on July 24th, in an attack that has been described as 'motiveless' and 'senseless'.

Revamped RIG exploit kit infects one million PCs

A new version of the widely-distributed RIG exploit kit has emerged and is infecting around 27,000 PCs each day, according to researchers at Trustwave Spiderlabs.