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Turla cyber-espionage group switched to open-source malware

The Turla cyber-espionage group has implemented some new tactics over the last few months incorporating some open-source exploitation tools instead of relying solely on their own creations to run campaigns.

Mirai-variant attack launched from Mexico

A pair of Trend Micro research teams has detected and done a quick cyber-autopsy on a new Mirai-like attack that popped up in Mexico earlier this month targeting GPON home routers and IP webcams.

Venture capital investments May update

Auth0 announced US$ 55 million (£41 million) in Series D fundingwhich led by Sapphire Ventures, and includes investment from World Innovation Lab, as well as from existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners.

USB drive sniffing K-9 helps capture student hacker

A US student in San Fransico accused of hacking his school's computer system to change grades was captured with the aid of a K-9 unit when its dog was able to sniff out a thumb drive holding incriminating evidence.

Vega Stealer malware targeting marketing, PR and advertising sectors

Researchers have come across a new ransomware variant named Vega Stealer that is taking special aim at those in the marketing, advertising, public relations and retail/manufacturing industries.