Websense has announced the launch of a downloadable data security suite to make the installation of data loss prevention (DLP) more accessible.

It said that ‘DLP for Download' can be downloaded, installed and deployed in 30 minutes and makes data loss prevention available without a massive investment in time, resources and cost. A built-in deployment wizard guides administrators through setup and configuration from a single installer, while a policy-design wizard delivers point-and-click policy controls for compliance and protection of sensitive data.

John McCormack, president of Websense, said: “Through DLP for Download, Websense is proving our commitment to lowering the barriers and costs traditionally associated with deploying the best modern security against today's threats.

“This is a significant step for organisations looking to secure their businesses. We will continue to improve our already strong model of deployment, technology development and support to provide organisations the security and protection they need in today's regulatory and threat environment.”

Chris Sawall, supervisor of information security at Ameren Services, said: “With today's regulatory and threat landscape, data loss, whether through targeted attacks or inadvertent exposure, can be a perilous and costly event for companies, leading many to seek DLP solutions.

“Unfortunately, these solutions are often complex and both time and resource-consuming deployments. With Websense DLP for Download, this dynamic has changed and more organisations can rapidly deploy and take advantage of the benefits of this technology in a timely and cost-efficient manner, ensuring the safety and protection of their sensitive corporate information.”