The DQM Group has launched a website that is dedicated to raising awareness of data security best practice.


The site, located at, provides UK organisations with a free facility for benchmarking their own standards against industry norms.


DQM Group interviewed organisations about their current procedures for managing and securing personal data and the resulting information has been organised into a database that sets the benchmark norm against which organisations can understand their current position, strengths and weaknesses.


Public bodies and private companies can fill in a questionnaire on their data security practices. The site then compares these answers with market and best practice norms, in order to return a detailed benchmark profile.

Adrian Gregory, chief executive of DQM Group, said: “The time for talking about personal data security standards is over; it's now time for action. Data breaches in the private and public sectors are causing real worries and falling confidence amongst the public, and this must be reversed.


“People are increasingly willing to hand over their personal details so that companies and government can improve and personalise the services they receive. But this means that organisations holding large volumes of personal information must take the responsibility of safeguarding that data very seriously indeed.”