Drone flight restrictions hacked; Israel turns to AI to limit drone attacks

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Hacked software enables drones to bypass no-fly zone restrictions; Israeli MOD and the Israel Innovation Authority grant US$1.2 million to develop AI to mitigate cyber-attacks in drones and robotics.

Fears of transport being the new hacking arena are quickly coming to fruition, with recent developments including a website selling hacked software to enable drones to bypass the no-fly zone restrictions and therefore enables the devices to fly over any airport.

In an email to SC Media UK, Lamar Bailey, director of security research development at Tripwire, commented: "Hacked firmware is a big business tailored to consumers who want to unlock the full features or remove the guard rails for products they buy. It is available for any products from game consoles to tractors. Buying this modified software is a risk because it could make the device unusable or add some malware, like backdoors or tracking. Flashing new firmware can be tricky and can result in breaking the device. Not all modified firmware is a bad thing. There are several open source projects for access point and router firmware."

In a separate development The Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Israel Innovation Authority have awarded Mobilicom Ltd a US$1.2 million (£900k) grant to develop technology using artificial intelligence designed to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks in drones and robotics.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) add-on module for drones and unmanned platforms includes an anti-hijacking and anti-spoofing system for commercial, government and enterprise drones and robotics. This is intended to enable autonomous drone cyber-security without intervention by an operator in real-time.

Mobilicom’s CEO, Oren Elkayam said in a press statement: "Given the daily involvement of unmanned platforms in security and homeland security operations, it goes without saying that this technology will serve as an added value here and in other commercial applications."

Mobilicom says its products and technologies are based on an innovative approach that merges 4G and Mobile MESH technologies.

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