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CloudFanta campaign suspected of stealing 26K email credentials

Researchers spotted a variant of malware campaign dubbed "CloudFanta" which may have been used to steal 26,000 email credentials

ICYMI: Dropbox, Minecraft fans, malicious SSL attacks, voter databases breached

This Week: Dropbox data dump, Minecraft fansite data dump, one click iOS exploitation, more encryption means more cyber-attacks and two the voter databases of two separate US states get breached by hackers

Dropbox hack confirmed real, 68 million accounts affected

Dropbox hack of 68 million user account credentials has been confirmed by security researcher Troy Hunt and Motherboard. Company advising a swift change in passwords.

Dropbox recommending some users update account credentials

Dropbox is recommending to some users update the login credentials for their account because a group of member emails and passwords may have been compromised.

Petya ransomware leverages Dropbox and overwrites hard drives

Trend Micro researchers spotted a new ransomware variant dubbed Petya that is delivered to victims who believe they are linking to a resume stored on a cloud storage site like Dropbox, but instead are hit with malware that locks up their computer.

Hackers use Dropbox to target Hong Kong media

Hong Kong activists have been targetted via Dropbox according to FireEye, with the Chinese government the top suspects.

Dropbox reveals revamps in its services

Dropbox has made six major announcements intended to consolidate its role in the market

Dropbox phishing scam uses compromised Wordpress site

Dropbox users may be the target of a new phishing scam that utilises a compromised Wordpress site, according to a post by Dr. Johannes B. Ullrich on the SANS Internet Storm Center InfoSec Community Forums.

Dropbox adds USB two-factor authentication to beef up security

Cloud storage gets dongle protection from phishers

Dropbox flaw fixed

Three stages for securing the personal cloud

The personal cloud can be managed in three easy steps and secure the apps that employees are going to use regardless of policy, says Ojas Rege.

Millions affected by Dropbox breach - but is it a scam?

An anonymous group of hackers claims to have compromised seven million Dropbox accounts, although there is early speculation that this could be a Bitcoin scam or duplicate data coming from an earlier breach.

Snowden calls on businesses to encrypt data, shun Dropbox

UK cyber experts side with NSA whistle-blower who urges companies to adopt encryption and to shun Dropbox because the cloud storage company is 'hostile to privacy'.

Dropbox can be a recipe for security governance problems

A new phishing campaign on Dropbox has been discovered.

Hyperlinks flaw in Dropbox and Box documents

Confidential records saved with cloud storage providers Dropbox and Box have been exposed, prompting one industry peer to say that it is 'beggars belief' that companies still rely on free file-sharing applications.

Dropbox does not have business or enterprise in its DNA

Dropbox does not have business or enterprise in its DNA, according to EMC Syncplicity's head of marketing Jeff Schultz.