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Orbitz hit with data breach, info on 880,000 payment cards at risk

The online travel company Orbitz has suffered a major data breach possibly exposing the personal information associated with the owners of up to 880,000 payment cards.

Hidden M&A cyber-risks and value - due diligence can uncover deal-breakers

Cyber-diligence can unveil under-investment in information security, that it contains hidden vulnerabilities and has evidence of compromise - which may be of strategic importance to a deal.

Cyber-due diligence demanded for mergers, acquisitions, & cyber readiness

Given the potential the impact a significant data leak could have on the valuation of a target company, M&A practitioners must appreciate that organisations should do whatever is necessary to preserve the value of their deals.

Blick Rothenberg: SMEs still not doing cyber-security due-diligence

The advisory, accounting and tax practice warns that SMEs not paying attention to their cyber-security could cost them thousands every year.