Dundee City Council has implemented technology to adhere to the Scottish Government's Code of Conduct (CoCo) for GSX outlined for local authorities.

The council has installed SecurAccess from SecurEnvoy to enhance its security system for remote working. It provides employees with network access via SMS with passcodes sent to their mobile phones. These are entered alongside usual login details to safely access networks and emails from remote locations.

Graeme Quinn, IT team leader at Dundee City Council, said: “We were looking to enhance our VPN security, and liked the easy process for accessing our network safely via SMS. Nearly everyone these days has a mobile phone, so this limited overall costs. We thought SecurAccess would be a quick, easy solution to combat the security issues around remote access.”

“SecurAccess has also enabled us to meet government requirements outlined in the Code of Conduct, whilst enhancing our security with two very different groups of users, many of whom are required to work remotely around the city.”

Steve Watts, co-founder at SecurEnvoy, said: “Mobile working is undoubtedly becoming more common, and we want to support employees who want more flexibility, without compromising security. With extra requirements for local governments to be CoCo compliant, councils like Dundee will benefit from our leading technology, SecurAccess.”