Dyre News, Articles and Updates

TrickBot banking Trojan linked to the team behind Dyre

The threat actors behind the notorious Dyre banking Trojan may be back in action, this time supporting the new TrickBot Trojan.

Dyre Trojan almost dead after 'takedown' by the Russians

The feared Dyre banking Trojan has been almost killed off, following a reported raid by the Russian authorities on a Moscow film distribution company last November.

New strain of Dyreza trojan emerges

Dyreza trojan updated for Windows 10

The Dyreza Trojan is now targeting the IT supply chain

The Dyreza Trojan has re-emerged and is now targeting the IT supply chain

Bartalex variants drop Pony and Dyre

Some strains of Bartalex malware have recently been seen dropping Pony loader malware and the Dyre banking Trojan.