While productivity levels rose around the globe last week and tech journalists got our teeth into one of the biggest stories of the summer, a novel idea has been created from the Twitter denial-of-service (DoS) attack last week.

A potter (I believe that is what you call someone who makes tiles) is selling tiles on eBay that commemorates the incident with the ‘Fail Whale & The Great Twitter Takedown 8-6-09 Souvenir Art Tile'.

Flagged by Secure Channel blogger Larry Walsh and Mary Landesman, senior security researcher at ScanSafe, the seller claimed that it was ‘in commemoration of the successful denial-of-service attack on Twitter' that Edison Clay Co., located in Fort Myers, Florida, is releasing a limited edition set of tiles which commemorate its vulnerability.

The listing read: "Each tile is hand-pressed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 1000 will be produced and the original plaster moulds will then be destroyed.

"The tiles are kiln fired to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit, then glazed and fired a second time. We've already sold a few and are taking orders on a first come first served basis. They will not last long."

However Walsh was less than impressed by the concept, claiming that ‘we've crossed a line when there are commemorative souvenirs for internet attacks.' He claimed that the "advent of souvenirs produced by bystanders seems almost akin to women who write love letters to prison inmates or those fascinated with serial killers. It's an unwarranted fascination and profiteering.

"What's really interesting is what impact this could have on a compromised company's brand. While security prognosticators have long warned about the reputational damage that companies could suffer if their networks or databases are breached.

"Either way, souvenirs such as these titles are no better than the T-shirts and trinkets sold in the wake of celebrities' deaths and natural disaster zones."

If you want to purchase one of these items then I found it by simply looking for ‘Fail Whale' on eBay, alternatively click this link.