The European Commission has said that countries must act together to ensure that information and networks are safe for users.


In a consultation on how it can strengthen the European Union's response to computer attacks, the EC is canvassing views ahead of a debate early next year about an EU-wide co-ordination of computer security.


Results will be used to determine whether a co-ordinated policy will form a part of planned telecoms law reforms. A recent statement said that responses to cyber attacks from individual countries were inadequate and that individual countries have shown that one country on its own can be very vulnerable.


The report said: “There are a number of problems that affect the ability of the Agency to perform at its best: they concern its organisational structure, the skills mix and the size of its operational staff, the remote location, and the lack of focus on impacts rather than on deliverables.”


The Commission is now consulting on a possible EU-wide security policy, and as part of the consultation it is asking if the EU should develop an ‘incident response capability'. It said that such a capability could be ‘a key element of ensuring fast responses to cyber attacks and speedy recovery from disruptions', and asked respondents how that could be achieved.