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Norway and Switzerland Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce

Norway and Switzerland become new official members of the J-CAT (Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce) based within Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in the Netherlands.

Standarised aggregation of digital forensic data agreed across Europe

The CASE unified format for aggregating digital data from different forensic tools has been agreed at an event hosted by Europol's EC3 this week.

Targeting critical elements of the cyber-criminal ecosystem: Money mules

Money mules play an essential role in the cyber-crime ecosystem - they are the safest way for criminals to cash out and launder the proceeds of crimes committed online, says Steven Wilson, head of EC3 at Europol.

British teenagers caught up in international card fraud investigation

An international swoop on payment card fraudsters - or 'carders' - has resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects in Canada, Finland, Spain and the UK including an 18-year-old man in Birmingham.

European ransomware initiative gains 13 new member countries

The fight against ransomware is going global as an initiative by the Dutch police and Europol begins to attract support from Europe and the rest of the world.

Europol highlights barriers to investigating child abuse material

Report draws on expertise of 35 specialist law enforcement officers to highlight how perpetrators of child abuse material are using technology to hide their crimes.

12 arrested in Europe for improper use of RATs

Europol and a variety of law enforcement around Europe were involved in an affair leading to 12 people being arrested for using remote access Trojans (RATs).

EC3 in cooperative action to target Dridex banking malware

EC3, NCA, FBI and a range of other bodies have targeted the Dridex banking malware, including using a sinkhole operation to sever communications between infected botnets and their controlling cyber-criminals.

Europol and friends bust MiTM malware gang

European law enforcement has cracked down and arrested members of a cyber-fraud gang, which stands accused of using social engineering and malware to steal more than £4 million from several large organisations.

FBI, Europol and NCA want global approach to fight cyber-crime

Law enforcement giants FBI, Europol and the National Crime Agency called for an international approach to fighting cyber-crime at a conference in London today, whilst also admitting the difficulties around encryption and attribution.

Exclusive: Barclays builds out security team with second Europol hire

Paul Gillen, head of operations at Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), will leave his position to take up a similar title at UK bank Barclays.

Europol leads takedown of Beebone botnet

A joint operation by crime agencies and computer security companies has successfully taken down the Beebone botnet.

UK's NCA leads Europol take-down on Ramnit botnet

The National Crime Agency has led its latest major malware take-down, clubbing together with Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), private sector and CERT-EU to disrupt the widely-spread Ramnit botnet

ICYMI: EU data protection laws, Skype hackers and the return of Pirate Bay

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Europol plans more malware 'takedowns'

Europol agency EC3 is partnering with Zeus and CryptoLocker threat specialist AnubisNetworks, as it bids to make take-downs more successful.

Europol cyber-crime chief becomes Barclays CISO

Troels Oerting, the director of Europol's European Cyber Crime Unit (EC3), has left his post to become Group CISO at Barclays Bank.

Tor darknets rise again after Operation Onymous

A month since the joint FBI/Europol crackdown on more than 400 dark markets and a new report claims that action hasn't been as successful as first thought.

European arrests highlights danger of teen cyber-crime

School pupils are among 15 EU citizens suspected of using Trojans for crimes such as DDoS attacks and extortion.

Criminals and Bitcoins seized in FBI/EC3 crackdown on Tor dark markets

The FBI, the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and other high-profile law enforcement agencies are celebrating the take-down of 410 'dark markets' on Tor which was selling drugs, weapons and other illegal goods.

EU and UK step up efforts to protect banks from cybercrime

The European Union and the British Bankers' Association have announced independent plans to tackle cyber-criminals that target banks and other financial institutions.

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EU's new cybercrime taskforce set to launch

Andy Archibald, deputy head of the UK's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), is to chair a new cyber-crime taskforce based out of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in The Hague in Netherlands.

NCA partners with FBI, Europol to disrupt Shylock Trojan

The UK's National Crime Agency has been working with the FBI and Europol to disrupt the infrastructure behind Shylock Trojan, malware which siphons money from European bank accounts.

ENISA and Europol jointly fight cybercrime

ENISA and Europol have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to fight cyber-crime together, marking the latest example that international cyber-crime policing cooperation is improving.