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c£0.62 per user per month

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Strengths: Seamless cloud-based email encryption at a reasonable cost

Weaknesses: Documentation could have been more complete

Verdict: A clean, easy-to-use and deploy product that focuses on encryption and comes at an excellent price

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The Encrypted Mail Gateway from Echoworx offers a full cloud-based platform for seamless email encryption throughout the enterprise. Since this product is based completely in the cloud, there is no need for administrators to install or deploy any software or hardware within the existing environment. This policy-based encryption appears completely transparent to end-users, and policy can be configured to meet the compliance needs of almost any organisation - ensuring all sensitive email is transmitted securely to meet regulatory and compliance standards.

Since there was no hardware or software to install, deployment of this gateway product was quite simple. The initial rollout consisted of pointing outbound email to the Echoworx cloud. After that, all policy configuration was done via a web-based management console. We found the console to be well organised and intuitive to navigate.

This product is highly configurable. Policies can be created to use very granular or broad conditions for email encryption and there are several pre-configured policies. Some of these include regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA, as well as basic policies for managing personally identifiable data.

On the end-user side, all functionality is completely transparent and users can deploy their existing email client, including mobile email clients, just as they always have. When a user sends an outbound email, it is automatically forwarded to the cloud and encrypted if it meets policy conditions. This ensures that sensitive email is always encrypted when leaving the enterprise, which avoids human error. Users also can retrieve email from a secure pick-up portal, allowing for secure email to be easily transmitted to anyone.

Documentation was limited and only included a few reference manuals that could be found in the help section of the management consoles for the tool's components. We found these helpful, but there was a lack of detail. The material did include step-by-step instructions and many screen shots, though there were no administrator or configuration guides submitted at the time of review.

Echoworx offers customers full 24/7 email and phone-based technical support as part of the subscription cost. Customers can also access several support resources via a section on the website. This includes a knowledgebase, an FAQ section and technical resources.

At a cost of c62 pence per user per month, we find Encrypted Mail Gateway to be reasonable value for money. Since it is completely hosted, there are no additional overheads, operating costs or hardware to buy. Plus, support adds quite a bit to the overall value of the product. We also found it was quite easy to use and manage - both from an administrative standpoint, as well as from the side of the end-user. While it has an ongoing recurring cost, we find it reasonable given its features and functionality.
Peter Stephenson