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Global cyber-crime-based economy worth over £1.07 trillion, finds study

The global cyber-crime-based economy has become a self-sustaining system and oversees the theft, laundering, spending, and reinvesting of £1.07 trillion by cyber-criminals across the globe, a study by Bromium has revealed.

More evidence emerges of North Korea targeting cryptocurrency industry

State-sanctioned North Korean hackers allegedly continue to target cryptocurrency companies and exchanges, particularly as a means of enriching the nation and countering the effects of imposed economic sanctions.

FT Cyber Summit: CoL police commander: 'remember the human victims of cyber-crime'

A senior commander for the City of London Police encouraged IT professionals at the FT Cyber Summit to remember the human cost of cyber-crime.

Updated: How will Brexit affect the cyber-security industry in UK and Europe?

The British public has voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 52 to 48 percent. Are there any implications for people working in the cyber-security industry?