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Kenya set to pass cyber-crime bill as east Africa seeks legal harmony

Amid calls for regional harmonisation of cyber-crime laws, the government of Kenya is proceeding with the passage of a bill to address the growing problem of cyber-crime.

Africa deploying offence-in-depth to fight BEC email fraud attacks

Offence-in-depth approach likely to fight cyber-criminals exploiting the BEC/BES amid increasing attacks from west Africa, says research.

African banks and telcos seek partners to fight cyber-threats

African banks and telcos are seeking partnership approaches to curb threats of mobile banking malware.

Uganda and Malawi sign pact to fight cybercrime and build capabilities

Uganda signed a memorandum of Understanding with the government of Malawi aimed at increasing collaboration to fight cybercrime.

Deloitte Nigeria: expect more ransomware and cloud attacks in 2017

The cyber-security threat landscape in Africa is littered with the same vulnerabilities and threats as faced in Europe, but the regulatory and services infrastructure is lagging behind.