Editorial: Support from an unexpected ally
Editorial: Support from an unexpected ally

Judging by some of the feedback comments that SC has been getting on its revamped website recently, the subject of data leakage is still very much alive.

Among the increasing numbers of information security professionals who visit SC online (www.scmagazine.com/uk) are those who have been debating the sacking of a Colchester hospital worker who lost patient details. It seems the hapless individual has divided opinion as much as the fate of Gary McKinnon. It's good to know that such events are attracting debate among the profession, even if the Government is too preoccupied with other matters to attend to its leaky public services.

At least the Government set up the Poynter review into the data disaster at HMRC last November. In our report (page 22), Derek Parkinson looks into the main findings and recommendations of Poynter, and questions whether it will make any difference.

The future of broadband in the UK is under the microscope in The broadband squeeze (page 30). We have been looking at the background to BT's recent announcement of its plan to roll out optical fibre-based services, capable of 100Mbps, which may save Britain becoming a digital also-ran.

The boardroom may not be your natural habitat, but, as policies change, you may find yourself there more often, arguing your case for investment. Jessica Twentyman's guide to making your case stick contains tips from some of the most experienced CISOs in the business (page 34).

SC has a fine reputation for its cover interviews and this month sees another inspirational figure in the shape of Abdellah Cherkaoui, CISO at Sodexo. It's not often that you meet a former oceanographer in one of London's oldest bars to talk about transforming one of France's biggest businesses – you can read the conversation that transpired on page 26. Have a safe month.
Paul Fisher, editor