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Retina £1,257 for 128 addresses; REM £3,330 for 500 assets

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Strengths: Very easy to deploy and manage, strong reporting with many charts and graphs

Weaknesses: Requires its own dedicated server, needs more emphasis on compliance

Verdict: A good product for organisations of most sizes, expecially those with widely distributed networks and limited security management resources

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We found the combination of the REM Security Manager and the Retina Scanner to be easy to use and deploy. The user interface is similar to MS Windows Explorer and is among the most intuitive we've seen. Installation wizards make set-up and deployment a snap, and working through the scanning process is equally easy with the use of menu tabs.

The two products are intended to be used together, and several Retina scanners can be placed throughout the enterprise, with the REM acting as the central console and correlation engine. However, even though it has excellent reporting capabilities, we could find no functions that were directed specifically at compliance.

Retina and, even more so, REM, have a strong focus on risk identification and remediation. Devices on the network can be displayed in order of risk exposure, and remediation plans developed that take a triage view of the enterprise. This can be very useful in situations where resources must be allocated carefully to get the maximum impact from limited expenditure.

The documentation is good and consists of an installation guide along with the usual manuals. The material is heavy on screen shots, which include illustrations of the expected field contents. A strong feature of the documentation is its depiction of alternative configurations based on the size of the enterprise.

Maintenance requires customer agreements. Without them there are virtually no support services. However, for customers who sign up, there is good support consisting of online training, knowledge bases and other services. We feel some basic level of service should be available at no cost, and we found eEye's approach restrictive.

The Retina Scanner is priced by IP address, the REM by the number of assets it supports. This is a reasonable pricing scheme, but the product requires its own server running Server 2003 which adds to the overall cost of ownership. But even with the cost of support, the Retina Scanner with REM is still a very good buy.

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