Next month's Infosecurity Europe event will see the debut of a new company demonstrating an efficient method of deleting data.

Last year a report by Which? Computing claimed that the most straightforward solution to ensure that data is completely erased is complete destruction of the drive with a hammer. However Ross Waterton, founder of Bustadrive, has established a more efficient method of destroying hard drives.

He pointed to the announcement of fines from the Information Commissioner's Office for maliciously lost data, and asked if a cheap way to prevent data loss could be considered.

He explained that the Bustadrive ‘is a hydraulic press that drives a spike through the hard drive, after this you will not be able to read data unless it is in a CSI environment'. He said: “With four pumps of the hydraulic it can be destroyed in five to six seconds, it does all drive sizes and with some odd sizes but it is doing all hard drives.

“A lot of local councils have taken it on and I have just crushed our 1,000th drive so it is nice to hear that it works and continues to work for a long time. You can do crushing in-house, or outsource it.”

Waterton said that he plans to give the drive a full debut at the Infosecurity Europe event at the end of April, where he will be crushing drives for a donation with proceeds going to Help for Heroes.