Egress Software Technologies has announced the launch of the next version of its Switch product to allow secure file transfer.

Egress Switch 2.0 now allows organisations to protect and classify confidential information sent by email, CD/DVD and USB, or by upload to internal/cloud servers.

The company claimed that it offers complete protection of outbound data regardless of file size or transport mechanism. Using AES 256-bit encryption, Switch secures confidential information sent by email, copied to USB removable media, burnt to CD/DVD, or uploaded to FTP/cloud servers.

New features include secure large file transfer, message body encryption, customisable security labels and configurable recipient policy notes.

Tony Pepper, CEO at Egress Software Technologies, explained that following the launch in March 2009, the product has now evolved into ‘email encryption Software-as-a-Service, to exchange information securely so you can send easily to a person and only that person'.

Last year Egress added FTP server support, and Pepper explained that it was now adding hosted storage support so this can now send the information whereas before it was not done easily or securely.

Pepper said: “You can now share information however, even if it is in a hosted storage. Lost media and fraud has cost 36 per cent of data losses in the UK as a result of third parties mishandling data, so clients are saying how can I avoid that? It will be open for a short time and they want to make sure that it can never be forwarded on, never be copied and never be printed.

“This allows you to make sure the information goes to who is accessing it. We are trying to say you can take control and auditing one step further. It has to be easy for the sender but super easy for the recipient, you manage your own password and set your own ID, we encrypt information with your ID and it makes storing information easy.

“Protection follows the data, so responsibility is handed over. Also visibility is clear so can monitor access if it is compromised. Control and security is important, but also storage and accountability.”