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Egress has been selected by law firms Ward Hadaway and Morgan Cole.

Egress has been selected by law firms Ward Hadaway and Morgan Cole.

Selecting the firms Switch technology to provide secure encryption standards and complete confidentiality when sharing client information with clients and third party partners.

Greg Taylor, head of IT at Ward Hadaway, said: “The legal market is now so competitive it is very hard to prove that the service provided by one fee earner is better than the service provided by another.

“At Ward Hadaway, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market by offering our clients a level of information security that meant that we could guarantee 100 per cent client confidentiality at all times. What is more we wanted a system that was easy to use and actually bucked the trend by improving efficiency.

“During the selection process it soon become clear that ease of use was as important as the security of the system itself. Egress Switch exceeded our expectations and met all of our business requirements as sending an encrypted email was as simple as sending a normal email. Better still, their unique ‘follow the data' approach to security also satisfied our desire to provide end-to-end data assurance.”

Also, Morgan Cole LLP selected Egress Switch to secure confidential client information and meet regulatory compliance. Paul Dryden, IT operations manager at Morgan Cole, said: “The need to electronically share confidential and sensitive information externally with our clients and partners has increased substantially in the last few years.

“Egress Switch allows our lawyers to share information securely regardless of the transfer mechanism. Any information sent by email, copied to removable media, or transferred via FTP/HTTP servers can be shared with confidence, offering auditing and real-time control – even after the data has been sent.”

Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress Software Technologies, said: “With the recent legislation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) which mandates all law firms to nominate or employ a compliance officer, we are seeing more and more client's position information security as a key priority. Without clear security policies and investment in the right technology firms risk substantial regulatory fines and reputational damage.”

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