Egnyte has announced the launch of a mobile data management suite for enterprise.

The company said that the offering allows management of corporate data through a variety of device and file management strategies and the full range of end-user devices in the workplace.

Features include: local file encryption on smartphones and tablets to limit access to authorised users using the Egnyte application; two-step login verification; certificate-based device trust to allow only devices with a valid security certificate to access the company's file sharing service; and remote wipe of files.

The device control panel provides an integrated, central view of all connected devices to allow administrators to view information about the user, device type and last time of access among others and can take corrective actions such as disconnecting or wiping a device from the control panel in the event the device is compromised, the company claims.

Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte, said: “Egnyte offers our customers the option of using Egnyte in conjunction with their mobile device management (MDM) solution or using our new capabilities as a MDM-light solution.

“With the native security and management capabilities, IT departments can reduce costs by getting everything they need in one place. More importantly, they can be confident their files and data are safe.”