Sweden's CronLab has announced the release of its email attachment saver to assist with the transfer of large files.

It claimed that the transfer of large files continues to be as important as ever, yet always a nuisance for the sender. Splitting the files into numerous emails or having to upload files to a FTP server or a website requires both training, extra programs and additional work.

CEO Daniel Axsäter claimed that the problem has been resolved with its email attachment saver that allows the sender to attach large files to an email.

Axsäter said: “As the email is relayed through a CronLab server, the files are removed before they arrive at the recipient's server and replaced with simple download instructions.

“This way the email stays small to ensure successful delivery and avoids disturbing the network with large emails bouncing between servers. The recipient clicks on the link to the files in the email and downloads them using the HTTP protocol, in a web browser of their choice.”

The CronLab email attachment saver is an add-on to the CronLab anti-spam appliances.