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Nigerian extradited to US, pleads guilty to BEC scams, awaits sentencing

A Nigerian man pleaded guilty Wednesday in a US Manhattan Federal Court to helping perpetuate business email compromise (BEC) scams aimed at netting millions of dollars.

Three-quarters of businesses targetted at least once by email fraud

Research finds 75 percent of organisations were targeted at least once by email fraud, in the last two years and 41 percent said their business had been targeted multiple times.

How to deflect unrequited love from hackers this Valentine's Day

Tips on keeping businesses safe this Valentine's day - treat online approaches as you would in 'real life' - with caution.

Number of 2017 cyber-incidents doubled, 93% could have been prevented

Out of nearly 160,000 reported cyber incidents affecting businesses in 2017, 93 percent could have been prevented by following basic security measures.

Necurs botnet launches massive 47 million emails per day campaign

The Necurs botnet continued to launch massive global ransomware attacks through the holidays with researchers stopping as many as 47 million emails per day.

Growth in impersonation attacks greater than malware attacks

While many organisations still fear of malware being the main burden to their email cyber-resilience, the findings show only 15 percent increase in these type of email attacks compared to the last figures.

MailSploit bugs let spoofed emails bypass DMARC, spam detectors

A collection of vulnerabilities dubbed Mailsploit, found by German security researcher Sabri Haddouche in 30 types of email client applications - from Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird - lets hackers bypass anti-spoofing mechanisms.

Imgur acts to disclose years-old breach that compromised 1.7 million users

Online image sharing and hosting service Imgur was breached in 2014, resulting in the theft of roughly 1.7 million user email addresses and passwords, the company confirmed last Friday in an online notification.

Iran is being blamed for a cyber-attack against Parliamentary emails

The 23 June 12-hour brute force hack-attack against 9,000 parliamentary email accounts, including minsters and the PM, is now being blamed on Iran.

Email security: a technological problem with a technological solution

Email fraud can only be solved using technology to improve what is, and always has been, an inherently unsafe communication method says Nick Yarham. Remove threats & halt fraudulent attempts before they reach the end user.

Money for old rope? Ropemaker changes your emails AFTER delivery

Your emails can be changed after they have been delivered, corrupting your records and introducing malicious urls using the Ropemaker vulnerability.

Microsoft Outlook forms could allow hackers to run Visual Basic code

Researcher discovers 'vulnerability' - described by others as a 'feature' - which would enable a third-party to open a shell via email.

60% of enterprises were victims of social engineering attacks in 2016

Sixty five percent of these social engineering attacks compromised employee credentials and 17 percent of these attacks breached financial accounts.