Events such as April Fool's Day and Mother's day are no excuse for security lapses.

After sending out an email mailshot this week promoting its cupcake range that it describes as ‘cakes better than sex', failed to hide its mailing list and displayed around 80 email addresses.

However four hours later it sent out another email to its followers apologising for the gaff ‘that occurred with our Outlook earlier in the day'.

It said: “The Mother's Day email should have been sent with your details ‘bcc'd' and not ‘to'. It was a manual mistake and we can assure you that all the data is perfectly secured.

“We have taken care of the situation and have removed the email addresses off the list from people that wished to be unsubscribed. Again we are very sorry and can assure you that we have taken this matter very seriously to make sure that it never happens again.”

To mistakenly put email addresses on show is not the worst form of data breach but as we have proved before, having a person's email address can be used for malicious activity and social engineering tactics. Sometimes it pays to double check before sending that email to make sure you have not clicked on the reply all button or done something that you may later regret.