Email overload is the main pain for CIOs

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A third of chief information officers (CIOs) deem email to be the main 'pain point' of business.

A third of chief information officers (CIOs) deem email to be the main 'pain point' of business.

According to a survey of 200 CIOs by Recommind for the first anniversary of the InfoRiskAwareness project, 36 per cent see email overload as a problem while only eight per cent highlighted social media tools, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to be the utmost concern.

When asked what it deemed by email overload, Craig Carpenter, general counsel and vice president of Recommind, said that it was from a user perspective and was 'the inability to use email as efficiently as you should'.

Simon Price, European director at Recommind, said: “It's encouraging to see that so many organisations are reassessing how they mitigate and control information risk. Email has become such a big part of our day-to-day working lives that its impact is often underestimated.

“If and when firms are faced with an investigation or an e-disclosure request, retrieving the necessary information from email creates a huge amount of work, not to mention business disruption and waste of valuable employee time. These research findings clearly show that fixing email management is an issue that needs to be promptly readdressed.”

The survey also found that whereas email archives were once forgotten data stores, the risk of maintaining them has caused 71 per cent of companies surveyed to rethink their information risk strategy in order to protect themselves from financial and reputational damage. In terms of budget spend, 43 per cent were focusing on document management and search systems.


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