Proofpoint has enhanced its enterprise protection and privacy suites in the new version of its email security and compliance platform.

In version 6.2 of the Proofpoint Enterprise email security and compliance platform, it has added new features and enhancements, which according to the company empower both email end-users and administrators with new spam mitigation features, email encryption enhancements and improved sender controls.

Included is a new feature called Smart Send that introduces self-remediation features for both outbound spam and data loss prevention violations. It alerts email senders to policy violations before an email is sent, providing the opportunity to correct common email mistakes, including inadvertent leaks of private or confidential information.

It can also be used in conjunction with outbound spam and virus scanning rules, alerting senders if their mailbox has been compromised by a botnet and sending out spam. The mailbox owner will receive an alert if a mailbox is used in this way to send outbound spam.

A new feature within the encryption service is the ‘TLS fallback to Proofpoint Encryption' feature that sends messages using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption when it is available.

Peter Galvin, chief marketing officer at Proofpoint, said: “With stricter government and corporate regulations, businesses need automated and easy to use solutions to ensure private information remains confidential.

“Our goal is to enable business to use innovative technologies, like Proofpoint Encryption to meet complex business challenges without impacting the company or their users. With our encryption and data loss prevention technologies, our clients' customers, partners and employees can use corporate email for confidential communications on their phone, PDA or computer and ensure that their information is safe.”

Proofpoint has also launched a Mobile Dashboard app for the Apple iPhone that allows users to review Proofpoint's global anti-spam effectiveness over the past 20 and 90 days and lets administrators connect to Proofpoint's customer support system to check in on the status of any calls in support queue.