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Starts at c£27,210 for 100 users

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Strengths: It's easy to manage policies and dynamically distribute document protection throughout the enterprise

Weaknesses: Can become quite expensive

Verdict: For critical document rights management, this is worth the high price. It certainly covers the bases well

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EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM) encrypts and persistently protects documents from unauthorised viewing, copying and printing, regardless of where the document physically resides. This is accomplished through use of a policy server that holds encryption keys for content and the policies governing its usage. Policies can be dynamically changed or revoked post delivery since they are centrally managed on the policy server. This product also does dynamic watermarking both on viewed and printed documents, as well as offline access.

This product is easy to install and deploy throughout the enterprise. The server installation takes just a few minutes and is guided by a short setup wizard. Once the server is installed, policy is easy to set up through the management console. When a document is protected and sent to a user, the user can easily download the client software, which allows them to access the document. This means the product is almost completely transparent to the end user.

EMC IRM integrates with the already existing infrastructure, including Windows Active Directory, LDAP directories and RSA SecureID, to assign policies. It can protect many document types, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Outlook email, Lotus Notes email, RIM BlackBerry, and HTML (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). This product seamlessly integrates directly into the app, giving an intuitive menu for the end user.

Documentation supplied includes installation and administrator guides for the server and a client user guide. All guides include screenshots and clear, step-by-step instructions for installation and use.

EMC offers various levels of technical support, including phone and email support, both free and fee-based. There is also an open community support site that includes many forums, discussions and downloads.

At a price of c£27,210 for 100 users, this product is quite pricey. However, we find EMC IRM to be good value for the money, based on its ability to integrate throughout the enterprise directly into applications and provide full dynamic, seamless document protection.

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