Storage firm EMC has used its Las Vegas company showcase, EMC World, to reveal an extension to its partnership with fellow storage company Brocade.

EMC said at the event today that the two companies would work together to integrate EMC's RSA Key Manager for the datacentre offering with Brocade's forthcoming fabric-based encryption technology.

The aim is to make it quicker for datacentre managers to reliably encrypt their data.

The Key Manager product from RSA, a business which is owned by EMC, is a centrally administered key management system that can manage encryption keys at the database, file server and storage layer.

"Fabric-based encryption can help reduce the complexity of storage encryption," said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Administrators may manage different encryption for tape, appliances, applications, disk and more. Fabric-based encryption allows for a single, common method of encrypting all types of data."

EMC and Brocade have been working together on products for some time. For example, EMC has an OEM relationship with Brocade for its SAN switches and directors.