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Windows 10 free upgrades end today, many upgrading 'due to security'

Today sees the end of free upgrades to Windows 10. Security requirements drove twice as many organisations in EMEA (28 percent) to upgrade to Windows 10 compared to North America (14 percent).

Number one risk to the broader economy is cyber-risk

Cyber-risk remains the number one overall concern of the financial industry to the broader economy.

RSA EMEA Summit: Writing a security strategy that will make Vivaldi proud

Richard Nichols, RSA's head of EMEA strategy compared playing the violin to conducting an effective security strategy, to encourage businesses to harmonise security strategy and promote greater visibility of threats on the business.

IT pros in EMEA urged to be cautious about cloud

Almost all (94 percent) organisations in EMEA use at least one cloud service today and 32 percent expect more than half of their IT services to be cloud-based in two or three years.