Absolute Software is to add Emergency Remote Data Retrieval capabilities to its Computrace laptop management suite.


When a computer is stolen, Absolute's customers will be able to specify sensitive files on the computer, securely retrieve them remotely and then execute an emergency data delete operation to ensure the files do not fall into the wrong hands.


Pre-theft management capabilities include the ability to report on installed software, software installations and hardware changes, check antivirus and encryption software status remotely and deter theft through loss control and policy management.


Post-theft damage mitigation capabilities include the ability to remotely retrieve sensitive files prior to remote deletion, physically recover missing computers and gather evidence for prosecution and remotely delete sensitive information. It also allows the ability to determine whether sensitive files have been accessed by thieves and remotely disable stolen computers, making them useless to thieves.


John Livingston, chairman and CEO of Absolute Software, said: “We are always in search of new capabilities to assist our customers when they suffer the loss or theft of a computer. In providing theft recovery services we have learnt that mobile computers tend to go missing when our customers least expect it.


“Often, these computers contain sensitive information or unique documents that are not saved anywhere else. Ask yourself, how often you back up your own files, and you will get a sense for how often this is the case – particularly for regular business travellers. Delivering the ability to select these files, remotely retrieve them and then delete them from a stolen computer is a major pillar in the ultimate mobile computer management and security system.”