Employees on holiday a security risk

News by Ava Fedorov

Sourcefire's recent research on the habits of workers on holiday reveals that the rampant use of unsecured WiFi networks for work related purposes could potentially compromise the data of their companies.

The study, coined “Beach to Breach” shows that the overwhelming majority (77 percent) of workers surveyed take their mobile devices with them on holiday and nearly all of them do not check the security of a WiFi network they access, despite being advised of the risk. Some 97 percent of the access is used for checking and sending emails.

Perhaps even more unnerving, the propensity of senior level employees, such as directors and mid-managers, was vastly higher than their junior level counterparts for keeping their work devices with them outside of the home and office. Meanwhile 50 percent of junior-level employees are able to unplug from work devices while away.

The willingness to take such risks is likely due to a confident sense of in being in control of their mobile devices at all times, with 96 percent reporting that they've never had their work device lost or stolen, and 76 percent believe their devices are “very secure” or “quite secure,” even if stolen, according to the study.

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