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Top 10 most desired traits for cybersecurity job candidates

Continuous learner, persistence, curious and perceptive are among the top traits sought by employers when appointing a cyber-security professional as Doug Olenick reports.

ICYMI: Steel IP stolen; Charity phishing; Zcash miners; Tesco implications; ITPros without hols

In this month's In Case You Missed It we look at German steel hack; crypto-currency miners; Tesco hack roundtable; IT pros holiday woes.

Cybersecurity unemployment rate at zero

Given the widely publicised skill shortages, it should come as no surprise to find no unemployment in cyber security.

Seagate staff to sue company over data protection failure

A hardware manufacturer may soon be sued by employees who claim the employer did not do nearly enough to protect their data.

UK firms at risk due to employees' lack of cyber-security awareness

Research shines spotlight on paucity of training on cyber-security issues

How to attract and retain great cyber security talent

Give your new graduates mentoring support and challenge them, rather than just giving them menial tasks if you want to attract and retain the best says Dr. Scott McVicar.

Data breach alert: the rising threat of contractors

With the increasing number of contractors being employed by organisations, it's vital that their access rights are regularly reviewed, says Paul Trulove.

RSA: Women breaking the glass firewall

"10 percent (of information security staff being women) is appalling and we should be shocked at that," delegates were told at RSA, with suggestions made as to how the imbalance might be fixed.

(ISC)² report highlights skills shortages in a healthy sector

Despite information security being a stable and growing profession with many career opportunities, the skills shortage is biting businesses hard.