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Heightened payment security could hamper usability, says Visa

The European Commission's European Banking Authority has detailed plans to heighten payment security, however payment provider worry this could greatly hamper usability.

Black Hat Las Vegas: Point-of-sale experts bypass security measures in popular PIN pad, including EMV protections

After physically demonstrating how to hijack retail point-of-sale transactions - including those using EMV-standard chip cards - two security experts from NCR Corporation offered attendees at Black Hat critical tips on preventing such incidents in real life.

Credit card fraudsters moving fast before US chip and pin adoption

The adoption of EMV in the US is quickly closing off the lucrative trade in card details, driving up the price of stolen data.

Hilton Worldwide PoS' infected with malware

Hilton Worldwide locations around the world have Point of Sale systems infected with malware which steals personal information when processing card transactions.

Payment processing company tests facial recognition camera as fraud preventative

Worldpay, a payment processing technology company, said it's researching using facial recognition in stores around the UK as a card fraud preventative measure.

US still lags on chip and pin for card security

Speaking at a US Federal Reserve conference in Missouri, Jerome Powell called EMV card deployment a step forward but questioned the security of cards that use signatures, not PINs, for authentication.