The biggest challenge of data encryption is to ensure that data on the move is properly encrypted.

Andy Cordial, managing director of Origin Storage, claimed that due to the amount of portable electronic data that is being processed daily, there is a constant challenge to ensure that data is properly encrypted whilst people, and the data is on the move.

Following comments by John Rollason from NetApp, who claimed that the quantity levels of what people are looking to store is ‘quite scary', with 80-90 terabytes being stored in some cases, Cordial said: "I agree that capacity is always an issue but the ability to encrypt a substantial amount of data in a portable solution is now a reality. Products are available in the market to ensure our government suffers no more embarrassing data leakage issues."

Cordial also claimed that it 'is now up to the government to introduce new legislation that enables innovative products to get onto an approval fast track that is not prohibitive in cost or in time'.