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Russia takes Telegram to court over refusal to release encryption keys

The Russian government retaliated against Telegram messaging app by filing a lawsuit to stop or limit access to the app in that country after the company refused a request by the government to turn over its encryption keys to the FSB.

Encryption: No adoption without simplicity; no security without adoption

"Without simplicity we don't have adoption and without adoption we don't have security," says Linus Chang, Scram Software, adding, quantum computers predicted to break encryption by 2029; many cryptocurrencies won't be secure.

Why is crypto so slow? What factors are behind such cautious development?

Tech moves fast, but cryptography - the field which holds it all up - runs at a decidedly slower pace, marking its breakthroughs in years, not quarters. With something so inherently important, why would it be so slow to evolve?

Spanish research tool probes smartphone electromagnetic emissions for encryption keys

Spanish researchers are developing a tool that will scan smartphones for 'electromagnetic emanations' that could be used to obtain encryption keys as part of an attack.

DUHK attack recovers encryption keys from Fortinet devices

Security researchers warn that hard-coded encryption keys put security at risk due to flaw in random number generator. Stop using X9.31 generator say researchers.

Hackers scanning for unsecured SSH private keys on WordPress sites

Lack of key security allows criminals keys to the kingdom after scanning 25,000 systems per day to find unsecured SSH private keys.

UPDATE 2: WhatsApp has 'critical encryption backdoor', researcher claims

By triggering devices to reset keys, WhatsApp could hack its own end-to-end encryption, reading users' messages, a researcher claims, while others cry "FUD".

Researchers claim Android Keystore encryption is broken

Developers wrong to choose simplicity over security

NCA seeks encryption keys from UK hacking suspect Lauri Love

Alleged cyber-hacker Lauri Love, 31, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Tuesday in attempts to fight extradition to America for supposed attacks against the US Army, Federal Reserve Bank and the FBI in 2012 and 2013.