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Why enterprises invest in next-gen security, and then don't use it

Enterprises are routinely buying next generation endpoint protection that they don't actually fully implement, according to the latest research from the SANS Institute.

'Tis the Season ....for online fraud?

If you can't rely on sophisticated sandboxes to protect the enterprise environment anymore, what's left? One tactic that provides a lot of promise is Web isolation, a scheme that renders content in an isolated environment.

Beyond prevention. How and when to use endpoint detection and response

Nicolas Capitoni says anaged Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is so valuable because it empowers organisations to cost effectively find and isolate compromised endpoints before any real damage is done.

The rules of engagement for automating cyber-security

Kane Hardy explores how the rise of automated attacks dictates the need for automated defence.

Why Geofencing will become the next endpoint security innovation

Geofencing can restrict access to devices or applications while inside a company's perimeter, making it impossible for devices outside the perimeter to access the network explains Roman Foeckl

Multiple layers now required for effective security: report

"The AV industry has evolved beyond static signature technology" says NSS Labs.

Think like an attacker:

Protecting enterprise endpoints in a rapidly evolving threat landscape

Twitter malicious software attacks drag on

Despite ongoing efforts to address the problem, attacks based on exploiting Twitter's "trending topics" show no sign of abating, according to researchers at Panda Security.