The engineering, architecture and project management firm PM Group has selected the cloud-based authentication solution BlackShield from Cryptocard.

Saying that it had become "dissatisfied with the cost and headache of managing its physical token offering", the company has selected the platform to take advantage of smartphone and SMS tokens.

With one third of its 1,600 employees in 25 offices globally requiring secure, remote access to both the corporate VPN and Citrix applications, group infrastructure manager Niall Twomey said that managing and replacing hardware fobs was becoming a huge drain on resources. With the BlackShield Cloud, it is able to remotely issue tokens over the cloud to employees' smart and mobile phones.

Twomey said: “It was simply time to rethink our authentication offering as it was becoming a real management and budget headache, and Cyptocard was a very obvious choice for us for many reasons, but specifically for its token choice, as most of our employees carry a mobile phone with them.

“While we recognise one-time-use passwords are vital to our corporate security, our business is in engineering and architecture so we can now leave authentication to Cryptocard and we can focus on our day jobs.”

Neil Hollister, CEO of Cryptocard, said: “For authentication to be embraced and work optimally for companies like PM Group, it has to be as least disruptive as possible, provide commercial security and low but predictable costs. BlackShield Cloud offers exactly this.”