ENISA concludes cyber-security exercise

News by Ava Fedorov

ENISA's three-phase, pan-European cyber-security exercise, Cyber Europe 2014 (CE2014), concluded earlier this week in a two-day event. This Strategic Level Exercise (SLEx) was the final simulated exercise of the series which began in April last year with the Technical Level Exercise

More than 50 cyber-security industry experts gathered to discuss the results of the exercises, review the cyber-crisis management mechanisms available at a national and European level, identify the existing limitations, and explore the evolution of cyber-security solutions. Key points from ENISA included crisis escalation and multinational cooperation, as well as international legal implications.

“The cyber-security exercise series illustrates that we are ‘stronger together,'” Udo Helmbrecht, ENISA's executive director, told the media on Tuesday. “Cyber Europe 2014 is a powerful instrument to analyse and improve critical cyber-security issues at European level. Many lessons have been learnt and will be further analysed in the coming months.”

All the phases of the exercise are currently being reviewed by ENISA experts, who will present the “lessons learned” in May, according to the ENISA website. 

The next exercise, Cyber Europe 2016, is already in the works.


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