ENISA launches threat landscape and good practice guide for Internet Infrastructure


Last week, ENISA released a Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide for Internet Infrastructure report detailing the assets composing an Internet infrastructure and classifies the threats applicable, highlighting “important specific threats” that disrupt connectivity. DNS, DDoS and routing threats are all addressed and linked with a list of exposed assets, highlighting the fact that the occurrence of such threats has been increasing.

Providing an overview of emerging trends and security measures adapted to such trends, the guide seeks to give insight to Internet infrastructure owners, Internet organisations, security experts, developers of security guides, and policy makers. Most importantly, the report goes deeper into the current pitfalls of existing good practices

“It is important to apply good practices and promote the exchange of information, in order to mitigate threats and secure Internet infrastructure,” Udo Helmbrecht , ENISA's executive director, commented in a blog entry.

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