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ENISA seeks broader EU cyber-security mandate in upcoming review

Ahead of the review and renewal of its mandate in 2020, ENISA is setting out its case for a broader mandate and larger budget to better attack cyber-crime in Europe.

'Biggest ever' pan-European cyber-security exercise concludes today

CE2016, the fourth in a semi-annual series of pan-European cyber-security exercises organised by ENISA, has concluded today, bringing to a close six months of activity.

More cyber-crime but no one know the true cost, claims ENISA

An EU cyber-security body calls for harmonised method of determining losses from rampant cyber-crime, but struggles to even measure it

ENISA launches cloud certification framework

The European Union has introduced a new scheme to help customers negotiate the security minefield when buying cloud services.

Hundreds of companies face 2,000 cyber-attacks in EU exercise

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) conducted a 24-hour cyber-exercise in which more than 200 organisations from 25 EU member states faced virtual cyber-attacks from white hat hackers yesterday.

ENISA and Europol jointly fight cybercrime

ENISA and Europol have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to fight cyber-crime together, marking the latest example that international cyber-crime policing cooperation is improving.

EU cyber agency: Websites must improve user trust

EU Cyber Security Agency says websites must do more to promote trust

ENISA receives strengthening vote to appoint executive board and create Cert

The EU's network and information security agency (ENISA) is to be strengthened in-line with the proposed cyber security strategy.