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Strengths: Easy to use, full-scale password policy and management tool

Weaknesses: None that we found in this group test

Verdict: For its ease of use and good value, we make Ensim Unify our Recommended product this month

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Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition Password Manager provides a simple and centralised interface for administrators to enforce their password policies within the enterprise. With this product, administrators can auto-generate the initial password for the new identity and also enforce rules, such as requiring users to change password on first logon, and password expiry as well as strong password policies.

On the client side, this product provides a secure, web-based interface for end-users to reset their password without any administrator intervention.

This product is fairly straightforward to install. It takes a few minutes and is guided by a setup wizard. After installation, management is done through the web-based GUI. On the first time of opening the web GUI, the administrator is presented with a list of configuration tasks.

A handy feature is that as each task is completed, it is ticked off, so the administrator can be sure the system is completely and properly configured.

Both administrator and client web-based portals were well organised and easy to navigate. This product provides a multi-application platform that allows users and administrators to reset or change the password in all connected systems, including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and various mobile applications. Password changes are automatically synchronised with every application that is being managed by Unify.

Documentation included a PDF guide. This provides a step-by-step installation procedure, as well as clear pre-installation requirements and checklists. Other documentation is available as part of the help feature in the application after installation.

Ensim offers basic and platinum support as part of an annual support contract. This support includes either 8/5 or 24/7 phone- and email-based technical support. Also included are product patches, updates and upgrades. There is in addition a knowledgebase available via the Ensim website.

At a cost of about £3 per seat, this product is good value for money. It provides a streamlined way to manage passwords, password policy and password resets, all available in one easy-to-navigate application.

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