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£5-£12 per seat for Perpetual Modular; £39 per seat for Perpetual Suite

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Strengths: Solid easy to use user management and provisioning tools

Weaknesses: Documentation could be stronger

Verdict: Capable product that could use better documentation

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Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition is a combination of tools that provide user access management and account provisioning across a wide range of products, including Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange, BlackBerry Server, Google Apps and Windows Mobile devices.

Administrators can automate user provisioning, enforce policy compliance and even configure mobile devices to meet the compliance needs of the organisation.

We found this product to be reasonably easy to install and configure. The management console is deployed on a Windows server running IIS. Once this web-based console is installed it can be accessed from any machine connected to the network and administrators can use their Active Directory credentials to log in to the console. This had an intuitive layout that was easy to navigate. A step-by-step quick-start menu helps get the initial configuration up and running.

Users can use Ensim Unify for many self-tasks, such as password management and managing their mailboxes and setting up a mobile device. This allows for less stress on helpdesk administrators for simple tasks such as password resets. New employees can also access the portal to begin their initial provisioning, such as creating a password and setting up email with an easy-to-use quick-start menu.

Documentation included a PDF installation guide that provided clear instructions on installing the product and getting it up and running. A HTML-based help file in the management console provided a fairly detailed look at setting up and configuring various features. We found both of these to be helpful, but more in-depth documentation would have been good to have.

Ensim provides standard email and phone technical support as part of the purchase price and premium support with added benefits for 20 per cent of the list price of the product annually. There is also a portal available to customers, which includes a knowledgebase and other resources.

At a price ranging from £5 to £12 per seat for the Perpetual Modular and £39 per seat for the Perpetual Suite, we find Ensim Unify Enterprise to be solid value for the money. It provides end-to-end user management in an easy to use product.

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