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Enterprise DLP


£4,400 for the policy studio and £50 to £170 for Enforcers with Policy Assistants

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Strengths: Huge number of features that could not all be listed because of space

Weaknesses: Terminology can be quite confusing at the beginning

Verdict: A unique offering that provides an elegant solution to data hiding techniques. Recommended

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Nextlabs' Enterprise Data Loss Prevention is an interesting software-based offering. While most data leakage prevention products use a primary server to control the flow of sensitive information from leaving the organisation, Nextlabs controls it through the DLP client. This unique approach also allows sensitive data to be blocked from internal sources to internal destinations.

There are many components to Enterprise DLP and perhaps the most critical is the policy server. This creates the rules used by the client as to how to process data. It is user friendly and contains a wizard to help create and customise rules for the endpoints.

The next major component is the client, which is responsible for the enforcement of the policies set by the policy server. It performs most filtering before the classified information has the ability to be either transformed or to leave the system. This is done though the use of tagging files and setting which applications can use, modify or distribute those files. This stops thieves from hiding the data using encryption, steganography, compressing or converting the document to another file format such as PDF.

The installation of Enterprise DLP is quite easy to perform with an almost completely flat learning curve. The most difficult part of the installation is getting the client software installed on the Windows XP and Windows 2000 machines. This process can be automated through the use of an msi file and programs such as SMS from Microsoft.

The client leaves a medium-sized footprint of around 20 MBs, but many applications have much larger footprints and far greater data performance issues.

The support for the DLP product is poor, as there is no free support included in the purchase price. Nextlabs does offer phone and email support and plans to have a knowledgebase and a FAQ posting on the website before the end of the year. There are several support plans that can be purchased, which can significantly reduce the cost of ongoing support.

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