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From £15,456, plus server and WS/device licences

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Strengths: Easy to use, powerful set of features, with detailed, well illustrated documentation

Weaknesses: Can become quite expensive for large deployments

Verdict: This is a very good product, if a bit pricey

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Enterprise Random Password Manager from Lieberman Software is an extremely powerful tool, which automatically discovers, updates, stores and allows secure recovery of every privileged account password throughout the enterprise. It creates unique local and domain passwords for each account, and then automatically propagates the password changes to all of the services, tasks and applications that reference them.

While this product may be powerful, it is not complicated to install. There are a number of installation prerequisites but the documentation provides a great amount of detail on the entire installation procedure, which is simple and guided by a wizard. Administration can be done through a management application, or a web application can be installed. Both GUIs are easy and intuitive to use.

The product operates by comprehensively searching the network and identifying every place where privileged passwords are used. It supports multiple platforms, applications and devices, including Windows, Unix, Linux, OSX, SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Cisco IOS, as well as Juniper accounts.

Documentation includes a PDF installation guide that provides a high level of detail on how to configure the various components needed for installation as well as the product installation itself.

A PDF user guide offers the same high level of detail for using and configuring the product. Both guides include screenshots, step-by-step instructions and configuration examples.

Email and phone support are standard basic support features. Email support is provided 24/7.* Lieberman Software also has an interactive forum, user guides, installation guides, migration guides, product revision histories, training webinars, scheduled support calls, pre-sales support and an implementation and training session available on the website for new customers.

At a cost of about £15,456 plus licensing costs for servers and workstations, this product can become quite expensive for large deployments. However, we find it to be good value for money, based on its easy-to-use and powerful feature-set.

*In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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