Optenet has launched the new version of its enterprise security suite solution.

The company claimed that Optenet Solutions for Enterprise (OSE) Advanced Edition is an ‘all-in-one' internet security suite that consists of four key solutions: NetSecure, WebSecure, MailSecure and WebFilter.

The OSE includes comprehensive security that delivers integrated security services that add IDS/IPS, traffic acceleration and caching, an improved anti-phishing engine and firewall to web security, mail security and malware protection.

A new outgoing anti-spam filter is also added while enterprises are alerted to a rogue machine or a problem node in the network.

Omar Aguirre, general managing director of Optenet, said: “With this new launch, Optenet brings many benefits to achieve lower total cost of ownership levels that are unprecedented, providing better security, real-time dynamic protection and lower costs through a comprehensive and integrated solution that is delivery independent based on a 100 per cent subscription licensing model with no third party licenses or hidden costs.”