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The incredible opportunities and risks of the Internet of Things

Businesses cannot allow a lack of collaboration among internal departments to inhibit their ability to fully realise the potential afforded by future-facing technologies.

Hackers still exploiting the human factor to carry out ransomware attacks

Nearly 70 percent of successful ransomware attacks in 2017 were the result of hackers gaining access to enterprise networks by phishing via email or social media network.

Widespread security inertia leaving enterprises vulnerable to hackers

Even though enterprises across the world face varied cyber-threats in the form of ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, and attacks on unsecured data stored in the cloud, alarming levels of security inertia hold them back.

£12m pa - the hidden costs of maintaining endpoint security solutions

Enterprises across the globe are now investing heavily in licensing and deployment of endpoint security solutions to protect their IT systems but fail to spot hidden costs of human skills and effort required.

Lack of encryption in cloud applications rendering enterprises vulnerable

Enterprises are developing and using enterprise applications on a large scale for various purposes, but a lack of encryption, coupled with serious security flaws in such applications, is also rendering enterprises vulnerable.

The key ingredients to more productive and profitable enterprise mobility

Dave Schuette discusses how and why security, contextuality and productivity make up the foundation of a successful mobility strategy and how these fit into the enterprise mobility maturity model.

Cyber-attacks now cost enterprises US $861K per security incident

On average, a single cyber-security incident now costs large businesses US $861,000 (£652,000). Meanwhile, small and medium businesses (SMBs) pay $86,500 (£65,500).

A quarter of UK companies hit by cyber-attack, industry unsurprised

As cyber-attacks on UK companies continue to hit new heights, some industry bods are surprised, not at how high the numbers are, but how low.

Businesses wary of IoT security says new report

Security is at the front of business leaders' minds when thinking about implementing IoT solutions to their businesses says a new report from Webroot and IO.

#BadWinmail – a new APT attack vector threatening email in the enterprise

An exploit has been found in Microsoft's Outlook email suite that can infect a machine by simply having a special email format viewed by the end user.

Connected things in use worldwide will rise 30 percent in 2016

A prediction by Gartner foresees that 6.4 billion connected things will be globally in use in 2016 and will reach 20.8 billion by the year 2020.

Dropbox reveals revamps in its services

Dropbox has made six major announcements intended to consolidate its role in the market

RSA: Cyber-security industry is "fundamentally broken", says Amit Yoran

RSA president Amit Yoran, speaking at the RSA Middle East conference, set out his tips for shifting the cyber-security industry's mindset toward data protection.

Research: Almost 1 in 5 company devices infected

New research claims to show that enterprises are seeing around 18.5 per cent - that's almost one in five units - of their corporate devices being infected , suggesting a major rise in successful infections by malware and other electronic trickery.

BYOD 'explosion' but security caveats exist for CYOD too

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is already entrenched in many businesses, but some IT departments are trying to regain control - and security - by opting for Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) instead.

RSA 2014: 'BYOD is not going away'

Speakers at this week's RSA Conference in San Francisco stressed that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is changing - not ending.

Corporate Android users face flaw affecting billions of devices

Corporate Android mobile phone users are warned that potentially billions of apps running on these devices could be hijacked by attackers using a vulnerability first highlighted over two years ago.

UK bets big on enterprise mobility, but security and privacy concerns remain

Enterprise mobility adoption is on the upswing in the UK and Europe, but serious concerns linger on security and privacy.

McAfee EMEA CTO: Protect the data first, then the device

McAfee CTO Raj Samani advises companies to secure the business data before the device being used to access the information.

Security guidance issued by GCHQ

CESG, the Information Security Arm of GCHQ, has released new security guidance for more than ten different end user devices to ensure they are configured and used in the most efficient way compatible with meeting security demands.

Fortinet launches feature-rich security appliance for enterprises and MSSPs

Fortinet has launched a new network security appliance for enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs).