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Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server 9.1



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c£2,554 for appliance plus £26 per user for a perpetual licence or £13 for a subscription licence

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Strengths: Great set of email security features. Support for DKIM

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: Fantastic value given the price and feature set. A truly competitive player in the email security space. SC Recommended

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The Entelligence Messaging Server v9.1 is an appliance-based email gateway that provides encryption and digital signing of internal and external messages. Part of Entrust's Entelligence line of encryption products, it uses open standards such as S/MIME and OpenPGP and also includes support for DKIM. Although encryption and signing are the primary use of this appliance, third-party content scanners can integrate into its centralised policy mechanism.

The product is flexible and easy to use out of the box. It includes a multitude of encryption options from an enterprise perspective. As one would expect from a more holistic solution, Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server integrates email security with as much transparency to the user as possible. After initial setup and stepping through the wizard driven interfaces, we were able to integrate the solution into our test environment with ease.

Performance-wise we were impressed with Entrust's offering. All the bells and whistles from an email security perspective are present within the solution. Automated and seamless email security as well as user controlled encryption are options here, based on the policy of the organisation. Webmail push-and-pull delivery for external recipients, secure PDF delivery and support for DKIM make this a strong solution with many features.

One nice option that impressed us was support for mobile clients (BlackBerry and other WAP-enabled devices). Although true content filtering is not built into the solution, the Messaging Server can scan messages for keywords in order to determine if sensitive information is present and how it should be treated. The documentation provided with the solution is very detailed and well organised.

Entrust offers three levels of support (silver, gold and platinum), as well as additional consulting services as needed. Support is offered via telephone and email. The Entrust support site contains white papers, documentation and a customer support portal.

Even after adding the cost of the user licences, the solution offers great value, putting it at the top of the heap with regards to enterprise email security tools.

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