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Entrust IdentityGuard



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£4 per user

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Strengths: A simple solution to a complex problem, providing a single interface to manage two-factor authentication for web servers

Weaknesses: None really. A superior product

Verdict: Contains all of the features of two-factor authentication. We rate it our Best Buy

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The Entrust IdentityGuard entry was unique in this class of products. Authentication with this product occurs at the application level and can be used for easily authenticating web traffic as well as mail traffic. This is a software-based offering that uses a Windows 2003 Advanced Server.

The easiest configuration for this product is to place the Entrust IdentityGuard in front of the web or mail server as the traffic flows into the organisation. Traffic to be authenticated is then intercepted by the device and the user is prompted for the two-factor authentication. Entrust IdentityGuard then relays the information to the backend system.

Many types of two-factor authentication can be used with this offering, but the single-use password charts provided with this solution were unique and practical. The cards are far less expensive than other hardware token solutions and provide a unique password every time the user authenticates. The chart cards are credit-card sized, so they can be easily placed in a wallet or pocket without adding unnecessary bulk.

The product is straightforward to install. The installation guide comes in hard copy as well as electronic format and provides all necessary guidance to install the product. The administration interface is logically designed and easy to navigate.

The application installs on Windows Server 2003 and all included modules are installed as part of the single installer package.

Entrust provides technical support in the form of a password-protected secure website. Support also includes phone and email offerings. The technical support for this product was among the best in class.

The pricing for the Entrust IdentityGuard is at the extreme low end of products in this review at £4 per user. This makes the value for the money superior and contributed considerably to its winning our Best Buy award.

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